Idea validation

Zakari Mohammed Co founder @

January 3rd, 2019

I have been trying to select an industry for almost a week now but i'm really confuse on which industry to select. i'm a developer wanting to build... More

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Daniel Canelea Senior Solutions Architect at TD Wealth

October 16th, 2018

I am thinking to branch out as a business providing technical advise to non-technical startup founders . Would that be something feasible ? More

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Deepankar Parashar Entrepreneur .

September 24th, 2018

Hi People, I have been into founding the a new startup ,but before going ahead i have to be sure that my idea is worth sharing with the world. So... More

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Vlad Khomutov Founder @ Fast Venture, Founder @ Propel Digital, Co-Founder @Webreel, Co-founder @Fitland

July 13th, 2018

I built a free online course designed for first-time founders. After a private beta with a small group of founders, I opened the doors to the public. I... More

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Saquib Khan A real hero, don't need a mask, cape or special dress - All you need is DupDup App - Saquib Khan

July 5th, 2018

Dear readers, One of the exciting feature - which we are rolling out in 90 days is a social media aspect (communities) on our platform. Since we are... More

Steve Procter ... Venture Technologist Tech Entrepreneur seeks sales & referral partners for

Last updated on May 25th, 2018

This statement is born out of a couple of other posts I've had on here and a continuing theme that comes up again and again... "If Alexa has an idea,... More

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Abdelaziz SLIMANI Civil engineer student and young entrepreneur

Last updated on May 17th, 2018

I have a business idea, it's about a mobile app for deals and promotions. It informs the user about good deals, promotions and hot offers in local... More

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Amit Bajaj I believe in the power of deep relationships. A founder looking to make that concept reality.

May 14th, 2018

Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of planning out an application I've been thinking out for a while. I've planned out the logistics of it and am looking... More

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Ahmad Huseynli Co-founder & CEO

May 12th, 2018

Hi. I can I take a valid credit whether an idea does make a business sense or not ? There are lots of resouces on moving from idea to execution phase,... More

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Ju Shim Only have an idea, i would like some feedback

Last updated on May 2nd, 2018

Hi i have revised my post and made it a bit more clear in my explanation. i would love to get your feedbacks on my travel service idea (whether be... More

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