Richard Pridham Investor, President & CEO at Retina Labs

July 4th, 2015

Has anyone used or know of a tool or spreadsheet that can help evaluate and rank business ideas? Let's say you have 10 ideas... More

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Benjamin Bertelsen MSc in Digital Innovation & Management

September 15th, 2016

Apparently Elon Musk used to read 2 books per day… Not sure how much of that is true but reality has kicked in for me and I know there is a lot to... More

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Rob Phillips iOS & web engineer, product designer, startup enthusiast/advisor

August 22nd, 2013

In your experience, what are the best ways to collect consumer feedback about a new idea that you're considering? How do you balance telling the world... More

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Mani Fazeli Head of Product at Wave

October 7th, 2014

The term co-founder is tricky. It implies that you were present at the inception of an idea. It suggests that you're the domain expert or the visionary.... More

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Cristian Gonzalez

August 31st, 2016

I understand that it is all about execution but the idea is still important. Looking forward to hearing your perspective.

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Patrick Cauthorn Looking for inspiration in rapid prototyping

November 7th, 2017

I'm looking for resources/websites/suggestions to be able to connect with like minded enterperneurs for that first stage when you don't know whether... More

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Alena Kropáčková Former gymnast, traveler, blogger, volunteer in TED.

April 22nd, 2018

Hi, what do you think about making a job aggregator with job offers only in exotice countries? (Bali, Thailand, Hawai, Meldives etc.) I made already... More

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March 18th, 2018

Do you guys believe that there are key metrics that we can use to measure that will increase the probability of customers buying into a new concept,... More

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Akhil I have business ideas & I would like to collaborate with Investors and bring my ideas to real life

Last updated on May 5th, 2017

How do i start? "Ideas are sh*t, execution is the game" as Gary Vaynerchuk says. I have written/jot down many different ideas, ideas ranging from... More

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March 27th, 2014

Lately I've been going to tech meetups and been asking leading questions such as:"What takes up the majority of your time each day?"My intention is... More

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