International business

Alena Kropáčková Former gymnast, traveler, blogger, volunteer in TED.

April 22nd, 2018

Hi, what do you think about making a job aggregator with job offers only in exotice countries? (Bali, Thailand, Hawai, Meldives etc.) I made already... More

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June 30th, 2020

What kind of employees do we need to hire in-house in order to run all the operations?

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Frank A CoFounder, UI/UX designer

July 3rd, 2019

The gentleman is off shore and we're a little nervous about giving out information. Should we be concerned about the passport # request? Thanks. More

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Alberto Andere Dirección General en CiVO

May 5th, 2015

We are a tech company that started an Ad and Market Research platform in Mexico, business is going well, but we have conducted research in the US... More

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Travis Wentworth

July 10th, 2016

Not trying to start a political discussion, but just wondering if anyone who's familiar with both the UK and German startup scenes could comment on... More

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Ashutosh Bhatia CEO at ALEA IT SOLUTIONS

March 24th, 2016

If a middle level company plan to expand operations in country like SG or AUS how do they plan there approach? How companies can reach out to specific... More

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Ahmed A. Batal Looking for entrepreneurs from around the world to cooperate with .

Last updated on August 28th, 2017

I'm asking for the best approach , to partner with experts from around the world in order to establish a multinational firm , in that way we can open... More

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Mitch Tikhman Founder & CEO @ Made-to-Spec

Last updated on September 20th, 2019

I need an advice from the community. I have a great idea for a business in industrial manufacturing field. Where should I look for an investor to... More

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Meir Amarin Leadership style based on ability to motivate others

December 14th, 2015

English is a language widely spoken in our global business world. Mastering few languages used to be a real asset in the past, but today we live in... More

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Chi Chi Founder looking for creative and bright people .

November 9th, 2017

I am the founder of tech startup and looking into getting investment. I am new to this and wondering if anyone has found success with investment consultants... More

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