International Payments

Giuseppe Turitto Development Manager at ServiceChannel

December 11th, 2020

I am in the middle of designing a Mobile-App that will have similar functionality as a gift card. We have three personas, the "gifter," the "receiver,"... More

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July 13th, 2020

As we're launching a B2B marketplace, the transaction amounts are higher than B2C and we're looking to sell in the international markets primarily.... More

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Hayya Thorne Founder

June 27th, 2019

And what global marketplace payment would you recommend?

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Lisa Falcone Rock Star Marketer available for company poised for growth

Last updated on February 26th, 2019

I'm researching an opportunity to build a global niche marketplace (think of Etsy or Poshmark, as an example.) I'm coming across a few key logistical... More

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May 11th, 2017

I would love to hear what payment services that some of you are using. We want to implement a transaction fee based on % per transaction. Step: 1:... More

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Vimal Tandan Space Design Consultant (Beezign)

September 6th, 2016

We are looking at partnering with a 3rd party service that will handle our payments (International) with escrow enabled. This should be done via an... More

Graeme Lewis [LION]

July 3rd, 2016

Trying to build a startup I find you tend to go from solving one massive headache to finding the next headache needing to be solved. I developed an... More

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Vimal Tandan Space Design Consultant (Beezign)

June 10th, 2016

We will be operating out of India, but the clients and transactions will be global. What is a good payment gateway solution that can let the users... More

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Travis Wentworth

January 18th, 2016

We're a UK-based language-learning platform, and we're choosing a payment processor. PayPal offers the functionality we need, but seems not ideal... More

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September 17th, 2015

My Company provides custom software services, We do E-commerce applications, Software Solutions, mostly on open source Stacks, Python, Javascript... More

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