Zhenya Rozinskiy Partner at Mirigos

January 30th, 2016

I am looking for a recommendation on a good system to manage contacts. This is not to use for sales or drive marketing campaigns. Just like many I... More

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August 21st, 2015

Seems like a large majority of Silicon Valley/SF entrepreneurs and investors now go to burning man and if you don't you're sort our in the cold. Because... More

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Kevin Ting Co-founder @ Facet - Curated Founder Peer Groups

January 11th, 2021

We have 2 peer groups (1 ecommerce and 1 service-based) with 3 people already in each of them. Looking for 1 more person for each group. They will... More

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Charlie Graham Entrepreneur & Executive With 15+ Yrs Exp. Building Successful Consumer & SaaS Businesses

March 30th, 2015

I network a lot and am looking for something super simple to keep track of who I meet up with and remind me if I had not followed... More

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Need CTO/Developer? Contact me Founder at Softup

July 23rd, 2017

I get the scenarios where knowing the right people will lead to direct access to certain market/resources/know-how. But let's take a founder of TECH... More

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David Adler Python/JS expert and surfer

Last updated on January 30th, 2018

About me: - A senior developer: node, python, react, sql ... - Interests: property, fitness, travel ... I am moving to San Francisco on January 29th... More

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Emmanuel Charles Working on a game changing Web application platform

Last updated on October 5th, 2018

Jeremy Bash Technical CoFounder at an Inc500 business ; $100M revenue, bootstrapped from $5k capital

Last updated on October 14th, 2020

I'm looking for an equity partner to handle marketing. I've used the search feature - any city in the US - and there's really only a handful of prospective... More

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Richard Gaas Product Manager

Last updated on March 25th, 2019

What are some of the best resources you've found for networking and finding other people outside of your circle? I never had an opportunity to properly... More

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Kevin Lentz

October 3rd, 2014

We are launching a new company and it's revenue model is partially based on leveraging the reach of existing Ad Exchanges and... More

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