May 7th, 2020

A service that lets you try high end items before you buy. So example speakers or TV or drones, you get to try them for a week and then decide if... More

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May 2nd, 2020

I'm a purely ecom business. I don't want to buy and keep inventory but not all brands offer dropshipping options, what's a middle ground to achieve?... More

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February 26th, 2020

A marketplace where emerging brands from around the world can showcase their products and have retailers/distributors/wholesalers bid or get in touch... More

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anil chauhan looking for a cofounder in a b2b retail tech related product

January 18th, 2020

i am building a product for b2b retail sector in india. anyone from here who is also indulge in this sector and what problem are you solving here? More

Brendan LaCorte Sales and Marketing founder working on a startup now looking for an experienced web developer.

December 7th, 2019

I have invented a product and am patenting it that I will be selling to retailers throughout the United States. I havn't started setting up any meetings... More

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Jonathan Fontanez CEO & Founder, Experienced Developer

September 24th, 2017

I'm really interested in the problem of helping retailers build personalized experiences through in-store analytics (i.e. segmentation, customer conversion,... More

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Bjorn Linder

Last updated on June 11th, 2017

I'm starting a new E-Commerce site where our core product is produced by a single supplier. Why is it standard practice in many retails industries... More

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Shakeeb Khan Full stack software engineer with expertise in LAMP/MEAN stack

May 21st, 2017

Guys, I am very curious how universal shopping cart works? Is it sustainable business in the market?


March 17th, 2017

I plan to create eCommerce platform for a specific category of products. The idea is to have a deep and wide coverage of a single product category... More

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January 21st, 2017

Any thoughts on a zero inventory retail format? In brick and mortar. Can it work?

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