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Rod Austin

June 7th, 2016

There's no shortage of digital marketing tools out there - last count I read was at 2,000+ and growing.What marketing tools do you use most often,... More

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Katerina Muradyan PM at Newmanity, love to discover and learn

March 6th, 2017

I've tryed Balsamiq and but I always come back to old fashioned paper and pencil version. Maybe I miss some great software to do it ? Thanks More

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Jesse Guglielmo

April 16th, 2015

Pardot, Hubspot, Sharpspring, Mailchimp...and I'm sure a host of others. In a world where "automation" is becoming commoditized,... More

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Jesse Guglielmo

December 1st, 2015

Looking for feedback on best of breed prospecting tools that source contact info/email addresses with searchable criteria to focus on a particular... More

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Scott Sosso

May 19th, 2016

I am building an online platform for the real estate industry and wanted to know if there were any software tools or programs that I could leverage... More

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Ellen Raynor

April 14th, 2015

What bug tracking tool would you currently recommend for a team that has outgrown managing bugs with google spreadsheets, but has limited budget,... More

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Lydia Eager Founder of Corbin

March 20th, 2015

I am looking for a good content distribution platform,curious to hear anyone with experiences with these two platforms about... More

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Jonathon Lunardi

February 18th, 2015

I run the platform which is a reviews and recommendations engine for America's Veterans integrating into civlian life after their... More

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Sreenath Kurupath Sudhir

April 15th, 2016

Can you suggest some of the best project management & email follow-up tools (preferably free to use)?I use Trello right now with 'Handle' to follow-up... More

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Sadie Gilmore Senior Software Engineer at Torque

December 15th, 2015

As an ecommerce startup, it is key to keep up with our competitors pricing strategies/changes on the market. Which pricing optimization software do... More

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