Team formation

Evan Walker Esports Manager at DraftKings, Inc.

March 7th, 2015

I started a company with a friend of mine who was really into it at the start and would go through spurts of quality work for weeks/months at a time... More

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Cecili Reid

April 22nd, 2014

In this process, I have found the Questions to Ask Potential Cofounders helpful but it seems the questions are more geared towards a new team before... More

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April 6th, 2015

I’m advising a company that is  ready to build a growth team - yes, they have product/market fit. I wonder what are the key functional areas (marketing,... More

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Lauryn Guerrieri Founder, Coach, and Spiritual Junkie

May 22nd, 2017

So you have a business with a great idea but you don't have enough hands. Is it possible to find co-workers who will work for cheap and grow with... More

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Steve McDonald

Last updated on April 10th, 2017

I am the creator and developer for a product As I understand it, most startups are looking for a technical co-founder to help them... More

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Stephen Cataldo

April 8th, 2015

Investors need very different pitches than developers who are specialized in tech and only dabbling in startups:   What are the ways that a pitch... More

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Yegor Isaev Co-founder at GodMode, CFO at StudyFree, ex-Deloitte, ex-RDIF

April 3rd, 2020

I'm working on several ideas now and am trying to find a partner. But every time people reach out to me they usually ask for a salary first and then... More

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Brandon Finlen Believe in better possibilities. Act to make real.

April 25th, 2017

I see a number of people looking for a techie to help build their idea and bring it to life and anytime I see that I know that the trolls will soon... More

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Al Costa Founder of TeknTrash. Sold my first company to NASDAQ-listed Fusion Networks. Looking for CFO :)

June 12th, 2020

Nothing eats more corporate morale than the idea that absolutely everyone can be replaced. Even if it was true (was Jesus replaceable?), it is the... More

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Last updated on October 7th, 2017

I'm a female Founder and I have a male Co-founder. I have to write this down because people assume things, that's also a part of my frustration. I'm... More

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