Chaminda Wijetilleke COO at EquityEats

January 28th, 2014

Hi All,Always have found soliciting founder feedback on questions to be of value. So am hoping to get people's thoughts here. My fellow founder and... More

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Max Avroutski Building EV Charging & Electric Energy Access company

February 8th, 2015

Trademark and Incorporate with .com domain name TLD or without it?Should I Incorporate <name>.com, Inc like ", Inc" and trademark... More

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John Dyrek Medical Economics at Aetna

January 24th, 2016

What other actions (legal) need to be taken to secure a company name after buying the domain on GoDaddy?

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Candice Gradenigo Founder, Dashing in the city

March 7th, 2016

We are an early stage start-up with a vocation to build a strong consumer brand. We realize the need for good trademark protection yet are currently... More

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Shobhit Verma Ed Tech Test Prep

April 25th, 2016

I own which is a play on speedometer (speedy development of web and mobile apps using the Meteor js stack).This morning I got an... More

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Michael Calleia Helping companies build better products and teams. UX and Product Management.

July 10th, 2014

I'm forming a LLC and want to trademark the name. Out of the five lawyers I spoke with I like two, but I'm having some doubts about the final selection.... More

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Julie Krafchick Digital Media Professional: Design, Marketing, Startups

November 25th, 2013

I am working on a graphic design project and I was wondering if anyone knew the line of using an imitation/mockery of a trademarked product for commercial... More

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Frank A Graphic Designer, UX/UI Crafter, Prototype Builder

March 12th, 2017

Simple question, I know, we're first time cofounders :) What is the best and most economical way to copyright and/or trademark your app's name and... More

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Eric Gaze

August 17th, 2016

I run a website that promotes local businesses. Can I legally use any of their names in a magazine ad for my site? If not, what would be required... More

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Eugene Gekhter CEO, Memorable. Founder, SharePay.

January 23rd, 2014

Looking for a trademark attorney to answer a question or two about an application I've filed for a startup.Any contact recommendations?p.s.... More

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