Ryan Rigterink Midwest Manager at Hematogenix Laboratory

March 17th, 2015

Squatter has a Twitter handle and their account name Is my domain Has anyone had any experience or success getting... More

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Douglas Tarr Entrepreneur and Software Architect

May 28th, 2013

I'm curious about what strategies people are using to manage their startup Twitter account?   I never have enough time or focus to do a good job on... More

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October 5th, 2015

Before today’s announcement, Twitter’s board had made a public statement of how they only wanted candidates "in a position to make a full-time commitment... More

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September 9th, 2014

In my view, it is very important for any startup to have a clean and coherent social media appearance across all channels (depending on the industry... More

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Jai Kumar Entrepreneur and Technology Leader - Passionate and Dream Chaser (Get things done guy)

January 6th, 2016

We have 3 people working on our social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. I had to share Facebook & Twitter credentials with all those 3... More

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Mariam Cook Founder at PositionDial, Digital Consultant

August 21st, 2014

We are looking for a data partner / provider to deliver data from a specific query of historical tweets. We are a bootstrapping... More

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Macchris C. Ilo Have Dreams worth more than my sleep. anyone else?

January 23rd, 2017

In other words how many of you out there would have believed in the concept alone and worked for equity?

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