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Total costs for US Privacy Shield

Jeff O'Neill Patent attorney and solopreneur

Last updated on June 28th, 2017

Does anyone know the total annual costs for a small company (less than $5 million annual revenue) to self-certify to Privacy Shield?

The website says that the cost is $250 or $375 depending on whether you join one or both of EU and Swiss programs and also states that there are two more costs:

Organizations will have additional direct costs associated with participating in the Privacy Shield. For example, Privacy Shield organizations {1} must provide a readily available independent recourse mechanism to hear individual complaints at no cost to the individual. Providers of such services set their own fees. Furthermore, the Frameworks require that {2} the Department of Commerce facilitate the establishment of a fund, into which Privacy Shield organizations will be required to pay an annual contribution, which will cover arbitral costs as described in Annex I to the Principles.

For {1}, I understand that you can use a US provider or a EU data protection authority. Anyone know the cost for these two options?

For {2}, I have no idea what this is and how much it costs.