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Travel & Tourism: What is the biggest problem faced by small travel agencies today ?

Payal Satish Looking for a tech co founder with gaming creation & product development experience

November 7th, 2019

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

November 7th, 2019

Tugberk is correct that an anecdotal list of guesses from people not involved in the travel industry here, is not going to yield useful information. What you're asking is for help validating your assumptions.

I would encourage you to write down your assumptions in a list making sure that each one is distinct and not addressing more than one thing.

Validating your assumptions is a key step in your marketing strategy, which I'm glad to hear you're working on before taking the first step towards developing your product.

I could offer you my guesses, but they'd be of very little actual value. Start talking to those small travel agencies and prove your assumptions right or wrong, then adjust your plan to fit the actual needs and desires.


November 7th, 2019

Depends on the region where travel agency is operating and the type of the agency: incoming, outgoing or both.

From a technical perspective; after you run your PESTLE analysis you can define if there are problems/issues/constraints caused by outer factors.

From an entrepreneurial perspective, in Tourism Sector as a Travel Agency you either:

- Keep the services the same but Innovate the Business Model by enhancing the processes to serve your customers with a higher value offering then the competitors in general.

- Coming up with new service offerings which offers a higher value for the customers.

- Identifying problems in the market and/or offerings and/or processes and provide better solutions.

The Entrepreneurial answer of your question lays already in your question.

First of all, if your Entrepreneurial Approach is based on a Business Idea of yours then your Business Idea already should be Innovative and you have to know your customers beforehand. On the other hand; in order to establish a Business Idea on solving problems of customers' you should identify their personas, segmentate them etc. and as a result you have to know your customer again. So we turned to the beginning. Entrepreneurship 101 - Who is your customer?

Re-reading your question and assuming that your customers will be the small travel agencies and your question is a part of a qualitative market research, then l have to know where the agencies are located in order to answer. So we go back to the beginning again. A closed loop.

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Last updated on November 8th, 2019

You will more genuine answers if you look at forums, subreddits, quora topics where Travel Agents actually hangout.

Sometime back I was talking to a person (he was also looking for a tech partner) who was trying to build a product that was more like a Destination Management System, an app that travel agents would use to book Hotels, Cabs, etc for their customers. Is this something you are looking for/trying to build?