TVphoon App!

Marlina Kinnersley

January 29th, 2013

Hi All,

As you know in order to improve our products we need feedback and that\'s
sometimes the toughest things to get. We recently launched
an internet TV service where you watch hundreds of hours of daily updated,
popular videos sourced from some of the best and brightest content publishers
on the web. No searching to find the next video or have to create your own

We are on the web, Google TV and all Windows 8 devices, including MS

If you love *videos* please come check out the app (
and let us know what you think. We definitely will return the favour when
you launch!

Does anyone have any recommendations of active community forums for
Surface? Some forums consider feedback requests promotional and remove the
posts promptly.

We much appreciate the support from the FD community!

Happy Tech Tuesday!