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“US invented iphone not Steve Jobs” Nancy Pelosi. What is your view?

Kishor Parmar SEO Manager at Herbal Remedy India (

October 11th, 2016

iPhone has been major success for Apple. Apple spends profusely on research and development. Many phone features, which were unknown before, have become default or must have features in any phone because of iphone.

What exactly Nancy Pelosi wanted to indicate? Has Apple used technology that it did not develop actually? 

Neha Agrawal Research and Evaluation Manager at KreativeDigit

October 11th, 2016

Only industry insider can come up with clear answer. My bad hit is i don't forget (for years) what i found useful EVEN IF the topic is forgotten or did not flash up for years.

i had stumbled upon one such news article. I only remember what i understood the conclusion was and conclusion was NASA releases innovative inventions, that are no longer useful to the agency, to private companies.