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I am considering investing in a retail product startup that is currently wholly owned by the founder. He is interested in bringing in investment/partner to build inventory and take the business to the next level. The business is practically pre-revenue.

I plan on making an office site visit, looking through bank statements, e-mails with attorneys, review of patents along with proof of filing and correspondence, face to face with attorneys that set the company up, verification of payments made to vendors/manufacturers, review of company formation/filing, etc.
  1. If I am doing my due diligence prior to investing, is there anything that is off limits?
  2. Does anyone have a list of things I should look into or ask?
Just a little background - him and I met at a startup event two years ago and we have become friends since then. We tend to bounce business ideas and such off each other and I have attended many of his product events. I still want to comb through everything efficiently and not let that cloud my judgement or cause me to look past things.