We are ready to launch a service for people just getting started into the online store business. How should we go about it?


January 4th, 2017

We were inspired to do this by our own story. When we founded www.livewithspirit.store we had no idea what we were doing and lost precious time and money due to it. We often scoured YouTube videos and blogs for answers but mostly they made no sense + Most of them were basically just subtle marketing material that confused us more than anything. We learned lessons the hard way and were really motivated to help people just starting avoid the same pitfalls.

Our business model is as follows:

1) Provide consulting around how to find and validate products to sell online, how to build their online store, how to go about promoting their products - and any other questions clients might have.

2) Build a Shopify online store for clients who can't quite do it themselves.

We plan to keep the cost very affordable (Although haven't quite figured out what 'affordable' is different countries) Need help with that :/

My question is basically - What is a cost effective way to go about finding clients for this service?


How do we go about finding a partner who'd help us find prospects? And what kind of deal would someone like this be interested in?