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We got accepeted in Founder Institute in Los Angeles and we want some recomendations, opinions and references about this program?

Mateo Pérez Salazar Passion for innovate

January 16th, 2017

We are from Colombia, so its a little bit expensive for us go there and stay. Our Startup is starting and we are developing a pilot. Thank you

Christoph Ranaweera validate early, pivot and kill fast instead of feeding a zombie

January 18th, 2017

I did it around 3 years ago.

Not sure how the LA program exactly works and what changed in the 3 years but it should still apply:

1. expect intensive work. they want to train you how it is to be a co-founder. So the meetups are once a week but you will have tons of work within the week to get done or you're out. And it will really take a lot of time

2. on top of #1 they bring it to the limit. My batch ran over christmas so When I remember correct we got a task on the 22nd of december with a two days deadline and it was more than just googling something ;)

3. use the contacts you get and talk a lot to the mentors. they are very open and invest time talking with you.

4. It's better to go in having already an idea. You don't have to but it might get tough as you will find out that some of the things you come up with don't work and the timeline is tight so pivoting has to happen fast.

--> take it serious and enjoy it.

Alexis Rhyner Fintech Social Entrepreneur On a Mission

January 17th, 2017

Hola Mateo, felicidades! Having lived in Los Angeles for 4 years myself, I can tell you that you will enjoy the city very much. Have you heard of Couchsurfing? Depending on how long your stay is, you may be able to find someone who has a private room to share with you to support you during this trip. If that doesn't work out, try Airbnb or Homeaway and see if someone may be willing to give you a discount on an extended stay.

I don't know where you will need to be physically for your institute, but the downside of LA is there's really not a comprehensive public transportation system. One trip across town could take up to 2 hours or more if you are unlucky and in traffic. Make sure to check locations and travel times on Google maps before you book anything to make sure you're close. Uber is pretty cheap if you don't have a far way to go.

You can depend on Yelp to find the best of everything. It's a bit of an addiction the people of LA have...

Hope this helps! Enjoy the experience!

Mateo Pérez Salazar Passion for innovate

January 24th, 2017

I don't know how to reply to every one, but Thanks a lot for all your answers, it is a lot of feedback for me and my team.

John Dex VP Product Management at MPIRICA Health Analytics

January 18th, 2017

Founder Institute is exceptional. Great instruction, great mentors & intense. I participated in the Seattle program. Some thoughts: Mentors tend to have strong networks regionally; so consider if this location is right for you, as these mentors and their connections are a valuable source of advisors and leads for investors. Also, the program is very structured with many homework assignments and deliverables expected of you. It is oriented entirely for startups that plan to raise venture capital. If you anticipate a different funding strategy, or if your business is unlikely to be a VC investment candidate, this program doesn't offer 'alternate' tracks.