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What accountant should i use

michelle golding Domain expert with seed investment and first high value customer - seeking technical co-founder

August 30th, 2018

Hi, I am looking for advice/connections to the right accountant/accountancy firm. I am a pre-product start-up, just about to close investment round - do any founders have advice on what accountant i should use/ how much they pay / what nature is of employment / good connnections?

Ideally i would like the accountant to be good value but able to help with everything from business incorporation, to payroll, to tax returns and advice.

thanks so much


September 4th, 2018

Wouah congrats Michelle ! :-) I am Financial Controller (accountant) since 15 years for startups and lot of founders do not think about accounting before they do make lot of cash. Since 15 years I am used to find lot of mess in all startup I help because of that.

- you can use a CPA who is going to be costly but could be cheaper than hiring a full time accountant

- you can hired a part-time accountant but please make sure he/she knows booking accounting A to Z...

- you can be member of MastermindStartup and we do provide that service. lol

In all case, good luck with your business !

Lionel, San Francisco

You're entrepreneur

Dane Madsen Organizational and Operational Strategy Consultant

September 5th, 2018

Find a contract CFO to cover all this for you. In the USA they would run from $2500 to $5000 and save you a ton of heartache. If you hire an accountant, you get just that. If you engage a CFO, you get so much more.

Steve Procter ... Venture Technologist Tech Entrepreneur seeks sales & referral partners for

September 5th, 2018

Hi Michelle, I see you are in London (me too). I use Martin Dunne at Sayers Butterworth and they offer the all-round service you need. They have done me well for nearly 20 years. Contact me if you want more info.