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What all should be considered while developing a dynamic travel website in technology?


March 17th, 2017


I am creating a dynamic website using travel API. I am in travel industry for the last years. But I am weak on technical knowledge. I need to know what all has to be considered building such a travel website. Like recently I was advised by my friend to implement CMS while developing. I was unaware of CMS till that time. Then I researched and I got to know I should also implement CRM. Is there anything else I need to implement technically for the smooth process of the business?

Prajakta Shrouti

March 17th, 2017

Hi, What kind of travel website are you planning to build? Are you going to showcase your services? Since you have mentioned you need to integrate APIs, it looks like you want to offer online booking or search facilities.

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Jeremy Gingerich bus driver

March 27th, 2017

Hi , Im a bus driver and a little info I would like to make travel agents aware of is this: have on the website how easy or difficult it is to get in and out of different locations, and please have bus parking where only buses can park and not cars. Often times I pull into a place and have to hunt down a nice place to park where i can still get out easily and where I wont be blocked in. Bus friendliness is really a professinal curtisy that goes both ways, We bring the company business so therefore the least they could do is provide adiquat parking for us. thanks