What are all the "standard" tools that designers use for prototyping these days?


December 22nd, 2016

What have you heard that designers are using on a normal basis?

Bala C Designer

January 12th, 2017

Paper and a pencil or Sketch app

Gabriel Age I'm a young and passionated Web Developer @

January 12th, 2017


To create simple prototypes I always go with Balsamiq or Paper and Pencil.

To build UI's, Sketch and Photoshop.

To validate UX of the UI, marvelapp or invision.

To create working prototypes,

Saïd PhD Tech Entrepreneur, Search Expert, Digtal Marketer

January 12th, 2017

I like

Very easy to use and create mickups fast.


Nextal ATS

Zara Siddique Creative coder, designer, film maker

May 18th, 2017

Personally, I think pen and paper is far quicker (and more fun) than Balsamiq. Then onto Photoshop.