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What Are Best Practices to Shadow an Acting CEO?

Lucas E Wall

August 24th, 2014

I am wondering if anyone here has shadowed an acting CEO of a startup, or know of such arrangement. By shadowing an acting CEO I mean following him/her for a specific number of days/weeks to certain meetings, working groups, and may be even board of directors meetings to see how things work, how things are handled at a startup.


I imagine that part of the agreement will deal with signing an NDA and agreeing on attending certain meetings while others could be left out.


Obviously one can gain a lot from seeing how an acting CEO works and makes decisions, but how can one make it interesting to the acting CEO? What value could be added for him/her? What are best practices in similar arrangements? I am familiar with using shadowing employees to train new team members, and imagined this could be interesting if done the right way.


Any thoughts?

Yugene Lee Production Coordinator at TouchOfModern

August 25th, 2014

Honestly, while you can learn from shadowing what you should be focused on is working with/for them. CEOs are so swamped that they need people around them getting things done. If you're there just to observe it's extra stress. Be there to contribute and you'll learn by osmosis.