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What are good tips for startups in beta?

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March 9th, 2017

I’m doing some friendly advising for a startup out of a university that I’m affiliated with. They won a small grant from the university that allowed them to build a beta and now they’re testing it extensively. They’re at a bit of a crossroads now between wanting to make sure everything works and wanting to make sure the product resonates with the people they’ve shown it to. I’ve been advising them to really tackle one issue at a time, to make sure they’re not all over the place and giving issues due attention. What tips would you give them as they tweak their product and assess its place in the market?

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March 13th, 2017

My recommendation would be to determine market viability before spending too much time and money on fully developing a product that no one wants. This will also help with the product development, because they might find that their market wants a feature or look they hadn't considered. It is much easier/cheaper to implement these changes before they have a finalized product.

To stay focused and on track, I highly recommend setting goals and a plan to reach those goals. It is also important to prioritize your tasks so that you stay focused on getting done the MOST important items first and not just whatever is quickest or easiest but doesn't move you forward.