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What are some "Customer Purchase Frequency" analysis tools?

Kodjo Hounnake

August 24th, 2016

I own an on-demand ecommerce delivery platform and I'm interested in understanding how frequently my customers purchase from me. Specifically, I would like to know if there's a tool that can drill down all the way to the customer level. Example: once you select a certain time frame, the tool can tell all the customers who purchased from me during that time frame and the number of times they placed an order. Further, the tool can give insight on a customer by customer basis. For instance during June 1, 2016 and August 1, 2016, customer A purchased 4 times: June 12, June 23, July 3, and July 24.

Would truly appreciate any pointers here

Monroe Asami Vice President at AS KNOW AS CO., LTD

August 25th, 2016

Hopefully, you're not using spreadsheets to accomplish these goals. I would recommend learning how to wield your own database. Filemaker Pro works the best. Assuming the tables in your database contain the data needed to generate the desired result, all you need is a script (a simple automatic command that you create by yourself in Filemaker Pro) that tells the database what to do--namely, create a printable report or export the result in text format which you can open with spreadsheet software. You can easily accomplish the goals you wish to achieve. You just need all of your data clearly entered into a relational database. Each table contains the critical  info you need to integrate everything. And each table contains the customer id, since it's the customer id which binds each table together. This is the key. Remember: avoid spreadsheets like the plague (except for showing the results of what you've exported from the database).


August 25th, 2016

Hi Kodjo - I looked at your website, and based on what I see, you must have a reasonable database system backing up your order system.  I would be surprised if that system didn't already have some sort of reporting tool for your customers, but I guess that's possible.  

A "drill down" tool would depend greatly on what system your data is in now.  I would imagine (and I could be completely wrong) that there is some sort of export tool in the system you are using to take orders.  If you could, say, export a record of your orders as a csv file, then maybe your analysis could just be in excel.  That would be the quick and dirty way if your system doesn't have that reporting ability already.  

If your system is contained within something that you have a bit more access to (i.e. if you have access to the tables in the database), you should be able to write a few queries to pull the info you need.  For example, let's say you knew the tables and structure and it was in some sort of SQL dataset.  writing the queries to pull customer/order date info would likely be fairly straightforward.