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What are some good marketing and sales related website you use?

Marcin Brukiewicz Full-stack dev & MD

September 11th, 2019

I'm looking to expand my knowledge in the both marketing and sales fields, yet it's quite difficult to pick something valuable from the Google search – seems that marketing articles and website are well... well-marketed. However, they do not always provide the insights I would love to get.

What I'm looking for are websites/blogs to follow where they base their knowledge on actual researches/ case studies, and not only on the author's feelings (as most of the articles do not give any reference links).

I would really appreciate any help here!

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

September 12th, 2019

Marketing has 8 divisions. Beyond those divisions of marketing there are several prevailing philosophies of what makes for good marketing practices. Generally you need to decide which philosophy you are going to follow and buy into that philosophy in its entirety, in order to have predictable outcomes and processes.

Marketing philosophies generally are found in BOOKS, not web sites. If you're not paying to acquire the knowledge, it's probably not the complete lessons you'll need to learn. Yes, you can get summaries and descriptions and sometimes even examples from web sites, but you won't learn marketing practice from web sites. You will probably need to buy actual physical books. Pick an author responsible for one of the philosophies and read all their books. Some examples are Doug Hall, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, etc. Other examples for sales would be people like Zig Ziglar (I don't have a long list here).

Some theories to investigate to see which one resonates with you are:

Ansoff Matrix

Persuasion Marketing

Balanced Scorecard

SWOT Analysis

Porters Five Forces

Maslow's heirarchy of needs

PESTEL Analysis

There are others, but this is enough to get you started. Once you find a philosophy that resonates with you, dig deeper. Remember that marketing has 8 divisions and you'll likely never practice in more than two of them, unless you're in PR, in which case you will do nothing outside of PR (well).

You'll also need to decide which of the two sides you're on in terms of the relationship between marketing and sales. 1) marketing is everything including sales, 2) marketing is the slave to sales (but it still everything).

Articles aren't going to teach you marketing or sales.

And as far as where to see actual research, I recommend MECLABS. They are my top choice to teach me the truth learned through experimentation, not just theory and what I expect to be true based on theory. The majority of marketers make wrong assumptions because they don't test like MECLABS does to find the real answers.

Good luck, you're in for a wild ride.

Bill Flynn Catalyst Growth Advisors - We help startups and scaleups with People, Strategy. Execution and People

Last updated on October 1st, 2019


Sales is pretty straight forward but has a number of areas to focus on. Here are the key ones I focus on:

Sales Plan

  • Marketing Strategy/USP
  • Analyze the Numbers
  • Competitive/Alternative Landscape

Sales Methodology/Process

  • Sales Coverage - (creating the territories- Inside/Outside/BDR) = Roles & Responsibilities
  • Sales Process- Document
  • Playbook
  • CRM (mirror #5/dashboard/forecasting)


  • Compensation/incentive Plans
  • Hire/Grow/Exit
  • Coaching Performance
  • Onboarding


  • Training (Process, Schedule, Expectations, Role Playing, etc.)
  • Management:1 on 1 Meetings
  • Leadership :Sales Meetings

Which area are you interested in?

Marketing is much harder but here is how I think about it.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Operations

Marketing Communications

Is there any particular area of interest?

Let me know and I may be able to point you to places to go/books to read/videos to watch, etc.


UPDATED - 10/1/19

I just read Paul's answer above and I have to say that it is all over the place. It confuses tactics and exercises with philosophies and methods.

I do agree that books are helpful but there are lots of great articles, websites, videos, etc. to learn from. The big question is what do you mean by Marketing. There are many interpretations from Strategy to Tactics, Messaging to Distribution, Pricing to Promotion and lots of others.

I recommend you get clear on what you are trying to learn and then you may get more cogent recommendations.

Brendan LaCorte Sales and Marketing founder working on a startup now looking for an experienced web developer.

September 12th, 2019

To chime in on Sales:

I have worked a majority of my career in corporate sales bringing and increasing revenue for corporations. Marketing should at some point in the process lead to a sale or generate leads for sales to go close on. If you spending your marketing budget and it doesn't have clear path of generating you more revenue don't do it. Especially in a start up atmosphere where budgets are tight.

Look into sales funnels.