What are some good sales/ marketing/ PR education courses for entrepreneurs?

Kiana Danial CEO of Invest Diva | Award winning Investing Advisor, Author, Media Producer

September 20th, 2016

Looking for great short courses to enhance my business skills as an entrepreneur. I have been looking at the below two courses at MIT...

Do you have any other recommendations?

1) Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics -- MIT Sloan Executive Education (2017 dates: $3,900 (excluding accommodations))


2) Negotiation for Executives -- MIT Sloan Executive Education ( 2017 dates: $3,900 (excluding accommodations)

David M

September 20th, 2016

There are some good DVD and online courses for far less.  Paying $4k for a negotiation course seems counter-intuitive.  Tell them you bring experience to the class, and that you would like to attend but for $2900.  If they aren't willing to negotiate, why would you pay them :) ?