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What Are Some Of The Today's Fundraising Options Available To An Early Stage Start-up Project Besides Crowdfunding?

AbdurRazaq Osuolale

Last updated on April 17th, 2018

Hello All,

l'm working on a project that combines top two internet industries (social media and e-learning) to create a first of its kind. The project tosses the world to a unique way of connecting with others around the globe that's based on learning and capacity advancement without loosing the interactivity of a regular social media platform.

The product development has started but currently needs funds to continue. I don't want to go crowdfunding because of the sensitivity of the project. I talked to an angel investor but seem to have his focus in other areas, further tries to get to talk to more investors have not been successful as there are really very few early stage investors out there and they are difficult to find.

I was wondering if anyone in this beautiful community could help with any piece of information, advice or ideas of other options that I can leverage to get funds.