Hello FounderDating community,

We have a nice online product that we sell to universities and colleges.  We have created a demo account with fake data and now want to conduct an outreach campaign to hundreds of schools in our target list. 

I don't want to send log in credentials to our demo sandbox play area to this larger list.  Instead, I would like to send a video or something showing off the product.  Since this is a wide audience, I want to show just enough to get a school to contact us so we can have a more in-depth walk through demo over the phone. 

Do you have suggestions on a product that is affordable that would enable us to capture the demo in a video?  Also, I am not sure we want to put the demo video up on YouTube, so do you have suggestions on where to host the demo video so we can track clicks and other valuable info?

Any advice is welcome!  

Thank you!

Jonathon Lunardi
CEO - ScholarVets.com