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What are the best ways to monetize on an educational community platform?

shlomie Singer Creating systems for BizDev/Sales/Marketing

Last updated on April 26th, 2017

I an building an educational community platform, I have traction and an MVP. Right now we're seeking ways to monetize off of the platform - Ads, online-courses, better features, etc. But would like to find other ways as well to ensure the platform can generate money in the future. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Sarah Schwab Strategic, customer oriented senior executive with a good track record of building businesses

April 26th, 2017

If you can find a way to add value to corporate learning & development, then go for it and position your services on a subscription basis. Companies are looking for great content, in microlearning formats, that expert learners within the company can curate that meet the needs of a whole host of business deliverables. You may need to integrate with their LMS but this is increasingly straightforward with some of the more advanced platforms. best Sarah

Sam Fulzele Co-founder, Business developer & Management Strategist

April 27th, 2017

My answer is more towards academic education.

You can segment the target audience based on age, learning interest, etc. This will help you to find the needs in each segment. Once you get there, many opportunities will be visible.

For instance:

Young Learners: offer them worksheets

Middle/High School Kids: may spend money if someone helps them for assigenments

International Students: need help for admission procedure and so on. Affiliate with those service providers.

List goes long..


Martin Anderson Digital health Architect

April 29th, 2017

group chat and event publish where i run a social enterprise

Wally Barr Business Owner at Undrnu Management

April 30th, 2017

There are many ways to monetize this. First is levels of courses. Look at it like a secondary education model. The 200 level classes have more value. 300 level and 400 level. Basic classes can be offered for free or at a low cost. When there is interest generated or skills demonstrated going further requires a fee. Tutor or individual sessions are a valid option. An e-commerce store modeled after a campus book store is an option. Sponsorship from industry that relates to a class would provide something.

E-mail me if you want to discuss this or other ideas.

Marius Kurgonas Visionary entrepreneur

April 26th, 2017

Hi Shlomie,

It is pretty simple - try charging for everything you can. You have already ideas what to charge for that you have mentioned and you are the best person to know it anyway. So run test after test after test and when you finally find something people a willing to pay for - dig in and ride it as long as you can. I know - its a constant husle each startup has to go through. But you will never know what is your stuff worth until someone paid for it.