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What are the effective ways to increase Software services business?


November 2nd, 2015

I am looking forward to get suggestions on how to connect with possible clients in USA, Europe and Canada to extend the Software service business. Also if there are any other suggestions on how to setup a marketing team for the same would be helpful.

Parag PMP® Sales & Business Development Leader

November 2nd, 2015

Putting some points from my side.

1. Have clear portfolio in place
2. You already have mentioned Target Market - segment it based on your portfolio
3. Plan for go to market strategy -
Marketing - online, digital, social
Sales - Appointment setting (Internal/External) and Lead Farming
4. You can use various platforms to reach out potential clients - nothing is wrong and nothing is perfect.- Linkedin, technical communities, twitter and many more
5. Conference Participation, Exhibitions adds value as you can have short but in person contact with potential clients
6. I would suggest to build Lead or Interest Generation Engine with realistic strategy and enough patience to observe,understand and fine tune the strategy.
7. References of satisfied customers plays big role in generating qualified interest and closure
8. In future you can focus on qualification, segregation and prioritization of interest / leads to ensure your organization chose right projects to build your portfolio

I have answered the platforms in pt # 4 & 5 but thought to add more context with other points.


Rob G

November 2nd, 2015

1. leverage your existing clients who have a presence in the markets you want to enter - if you have a client that has operations in the US, Canada or Europe, talk to them about your plans and see if they can help.  If you are delivering exceptional work for them locally then help them understand how you can help them in their other locations. If you don't currently have customers with US or Canada or European operations then go get some.  This is the most effective avenue.

2. focus on TRUELY UNDERSTANDING what it takes to work 'off shore'.  The biggest issue most off-shore teams face is a lack of understanding of "how things are really done" in the host country. It is hard to describe, but a very real issue and the single biggest issue. It goes beyond speaking the same language - it goes to having a common understanding. In my experience that is best done by having project managers from your org in the US (for example) who have worked in the US full time on off-shore projects for at least 3-4 years.  These PMs communicate directly with PMs where the dev work is being done. This of course increases your delivery costs and cost savings is where the discussion starts. 
3. Understand what makes you truly different from the thousands of other off-shore teams that want to enter the US/Canada/Europe markets. Be focused. cost savings is expected (and not often delivered) so don't rely on being lower cost.  If you don't have a well-defined, unique expertise then build one... or 2.  Be the best at security for mobile payments for food delivery (just a random example) rather than "we do mobile app development on Android and iOS". 

Max Avroutski Building EV Charging & Electric Energy Access company

November 2nd, 2015

1) Provide exceptional service to each client you already have or will get in the future. Go above and beyond what you promised and over-deliver. Make your customers so happy that they will talk about you to even strangers on the street.
2) Direct marketing if you don't have established reputation is a hit or miss, do it later.
3) Use freelancer portals to get good reputation, start at lower price and do more work.
4) Build your company with good employees and train them on all aspects of working and living.
5) Create your own products.
6) Partner with startups to create their products. Know what to take-on and what to pass-on based on probability of startup success.
7) Create a subscription following, talk about what it takes to build a product, get permission and talk about your customer success after they used your services.
8) Create video info-Product with several hours of content of useful information that aligned with your services and give it away.

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