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What are the most effective SEO strategies for online video centric e-commerce sites?

AJAY BAM Ceo and Co-founder at Vyrill Inc

January 12th, 2016


We accomplished our first 2016 new year resolution as a company of launching our new site - , where consumers can discover, search, compare and shop for consumer products with videos. We help consumers make informed purchase decisions with videos and direct them to a purchase. We are now discussing on whether to run paid SEO campaigns to get the word out and had some questions regarding the same. Our target is consumers at this time on search engines and social media. 

1. How do you decide on when to run paid vs. editorial vs. free vs. organic SEO campaigns for video centric e-commerce site like ours?

2. How do you decide on spending limits for paid SEO campaigns, when you have no sense of whether $100 or $500 will bring the clicks?

3. If someone has had successful B2C SEO campaign stories to share, I would love to hear on what you did right, type of SEO campaign and your ROI metrics. At what stage of your company growth did you run paid campaigns?

4. SEO tool recommendations that can help run experiments quickly. Dont believe in free rides, but is there?

5. Is it worth hiring an expert for SEO experiments or do on your own?

I really appreciate any feedback from this awesome community. Thank you.


Peter Johnston Businesses are composed of pixels, bytes & atoms. All 3 change constantly. I make that change +ve.

January 12th, 2016

You're missing a trick here. 

Video has the capability of going viral and building awareness several magnitudes higher than SEO ever can.

So look at what you have.

Are your videos so boring that people won't click through to watch them. Once they've watched one, is it beyond your capabilities to create a cascade, where they watch another, then another, then another? And are your capabilities on Twitter, Reddit, Digg and YouTube so poor that you cannot drive these videos to go viral?

SEO is like bringing a bicycle to a Formula One race.

Valerie Lanard Senior Software Engineering Manager at Salesforce

January 12th, 2016

Hi Ajay.
4. (good for measuring) & Yoast wordpress (good for SEO improvement) has some of the best tool sets for measuring SEO that I saw and used for self-help SEO. Not cheap and still very much puts the onus of figuring out what to do to move the needle on YOU, but there's a 3-month free trial through FD Rewardli alliance so you can really play around. Important: 3 months is NOT enough time to gauge any significant change in SEO performance based on my experience, so short-term A/B testing is probably not realistic. Finding ways to measure SEO impact & ROI is a major pain point. has lots of free, SEO self-help best practices pages. I followed those to the letter as well as similar tips from reputable blogs, with very little ROI unfortunately for my site, within a heavily competitive & expensive domain (fitness). That said, if your keywords are rare or your content domain more obscure, perhaps these tips alone could make a difference.

On the upside - Yoast - which I use as a free wordpress plugin, has been *amazing* at delivering SEO results (not video specific). Within 6 months of launching a blog (with pages optimized via the Yoast SEO plugin), my blog entries were out-performing my website, which had been live, "SEO'd" and indexed for a full year prior. So I definitely recommend checking out Yoast. Even if you don't have a blog, check out a friend's wordpress site (or PM me and I can show you), to see the Yoast optimization tips. Also, may be worthwhile investigating Yoast's review service... Their plugin definitely hits the mark, and if you search for Yoast in this discussion forum, you'll see that sentiment repeated all over the place.

Good luck!

Dave Reimherr Founder at Magnificent Marketing LLC

January 12th, 2016


First off, congrats on the launch!

Will answer your questions in the order you asked:

1) All campaigns should run in conjunction with each other.  Of course, your personal/company social platforms can continuously push your content out even if your paid campaigns have been exhausted for the week but in general, all of this will be happening at the same time.

2) Great question.  The advice I give to this is to just start small to test the waters and see which platforms are bringing the best results and then gradually ramp up.  There is not really a dollar amount to state here as everything is relative.

3) We handle the marketing for a printing company that sells B2B and currently about 90-95% of the sales are generated from inbound leads.  You can check out some of the work at  In regards to SEO campaigns, the SEO success has been a byproduct of the content marketing plan we implemented and continue to execute each and every week.  

4) Don't really have an answer to this but don't know of any quick fix tools that will accomplish driving you up the SERPS or traffic to your site.

5) I am biased here, but I don't see how anyone could accomplish what a good marketing firm can from a cost or results perspective.  Of course, there are large companies who have departments dedicated to marketing/SEO/SEM/Social etc... that can be as effective.  But there is a reason marketing companies exist and it's not to give poor deals or results.

Best of luck Ajay!