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What are the risks of getting into the caregiving space? Anyone has any experience working in the field?

Oscar Caicedo Founder of Care On the Way, Co-founder of FeedMobSF, Vendor Relationship Manager, Jack of all Trades

April 16th, 2018

In the process of launching a caregiving business. Trying to get feedback and hopefully find things I forgot while creating the business structure and all that. So far I have an LLC, got bank accounts, email, working on the logo, registered with the city, working on the site and app, terms Of use and privacy policy, social media channels, etc. Soon I’ll be getting insurance. What Ross could I be missing?

Thank you in advance

Peter Roome Part Scientist, Technologist and Strategist

May 8th, 2018

It depends on what type of caregiving your business intends to do. The things you mentioned would apply to starting almost any business. You mentioned insurance - lots of potential liability issues. You'd need to be bonded and licensed. You'd need a caregiver hiring / vetting process. You'd need a training program. You'd need some company policies. You'd need a HCM / payroll system/service. You'd need an Federal EIN. You'd need a CRM system/service. You'd need a caregiver logging system/service of some sort (for liability and continuity of service as caregivers get swapped in and out). You'd need a scheduling system/service. You'd need a 24x7 contact system - ideally part of the CRM system - assuming caregivers stay over night.

There's a lot of good information on the internet. This is what I know just from dealing with caregiver organizations for my father...