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What are your best tips and strategies for effective communication with employees?

Keegan Beljanski Community and Marketing Intern at FounderDating

July 30th, 2014

We recently had this blog post go out http://founderdating.com/learning-another-language/ about effective communication and leadership.

I was wondering what people's thoughts on the methods mentioned were, or if they had any fantastic ways they've found that help to effectively appreciate, acknowledge, and inspire the people working with you.

Porfirio Partida Software Engineer at Nearsoft

July 30th, 2014

Well, in our company the Boss use to have 1:1 meetings, to talk about anything, our life style, the job, whatever we want to; at least 2 every year. We also have extra 1:1 if we have problems to complete our job or if we request one.

Another plus is that they sit together with us, use the same toilet, trying to act as equals, that way we can talk whenever we cross, that way you see them as employees as well, and you share more and it is easier to communicate with other employees than with the BOSS.