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Cloud Architect, Senior .NET Software Engineer

When you are starting building your first company and digital presence
what do you recommend regarding content generation and social media strategy.

I have seen several discussions about what is best:
  • Create your own content vs hire a company to do it. Usually inclined to create your own content.

My concern is about the time consumption, since starting a business requires lots of time in many different areas:
  • Customer Research
  • Product/Services Development
  • Meetings & Networking
  • Digital Marketing

and so on.

How do a 2-3 person team successfully create high quality content if they all have a full time job.

I understand a marketing plan should be created one year in advance, but (correct me if I'm wrong),
the articles/post or any content shared should be created close to the date when it is going to be published,
since content created one year ago could be obsolete today