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what can be the best work from home start ups during this pandemic situation

Varun roy Passionate about entrepreneurship

July 30th, 2020

I need some ideas for starting a new startup that will be completely online and please give me information about how can i approach investors for that and how to build team for that.

Steve Lehman Investor, Entrepreneur

July 30th, 2020

The question is really, "What is a StartUP that I can succeed with". Start with what you're passionate about. If you have the 10,000-hour rule, all the better.

Map out your idea, test your idea, create an MVP, and see if you get traction. Surround yourself with people that have strengths in areas that you don't. It's a long and winding road,. Be diligent, thoughtful, and learn to deal with failure and be prepared to pivot. The road to success in a startUP is filled with bumps and sharp turns, If you are diligent, determined, and leave your ego at the door, your chances of success increase exponentially. To your success.......

calvin rupango Founder & CEO Startup Thoughts

July 30th, 2020

Aspiring day.

Let me first divide the question into an easy way to answer them so yea. First things first what can you do?

I would highly recommend you look at what you are passionate about thus something you can do without getting bored hey.

From there now you take out some time on the ideas that you love so much to do and try to figure out the opportunities which are presented with those things that you love and have strength on hey.

Move on to now executing it and so that you find out if it makes sense and I call it the startup mindset (thoughts). A startup mindset(thoughts) is a methodical approach to creating an organisation that gets its products and services into the hands of its customers with increasing speed. The startup mindset, which is the embodiment of Eric Ries’ Lean Startup Method, helps business startups and entrepreneurs pivot and adjust course to keep up with consumer interests and demand. The startup mindset is based on a 3 step process known as the “build, measure, learn” feedback loop. This never-ending informational loop allows businesses to create, launch, learn and iterate on new and old products. Specifically, the feedback loop can be thought of in the following way: Build – Create a minimum viable product (MVP) based on a set of assumptions
Measure – Launch MVP and measure your hypothesis based on your assumptions
Learn – Accept or reject your initial hypothesis and iterate on the MVP The process is called a loop because after you learn from your measurements, you go back to the drawing board and build a better and newer version of your product. You then release that new iteration and measure the results, learning from them and restarting the process yet again.

Then lastly for me when you have a startup with traction thus with paying customers that's when you could approach the investors.

All the best and please stay safe.

Raj Kumar Nagpal Private Investor

July 30th, 2020

Mr. Roy, You can start many best works from home during pandemic which are as follows: (1) Content Writing (Hindi). (2) Content Writing (English. (3) Blogging (Means while searching on Google on Special Topic you can write your Own & Creative Thoughts). (4) Vloging ( OnYouTube you can write your Creative Thoughts). I hope you will be delighted to get this crucial information regarding job from home but be careful while working for any Company make it sure that the related Company for which you will work will pay you your hard earned money as you know that there is availability of persons in Thousands or in Lacs who are searching jobs from home. Waiting to hear from you soon. Your Well Wisher Raj Kumar Nagpal

Varun roy Passionate about entrepreneurship

Last updated on July 31st, 2020

Thanks to you Mr. Steve ,Mr. Calvin &Mr. Raj for your wonderful guidance