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What channels do you use to hire as a startup (site postings, headhunters, social networks, etc.)?


June 12th, 2015

What actual mediums do you use for hiring? The spectrum seems to be craigslist posting to recruiters . One end's cheaper (one-time small payment) but yields volatile results and requires more hands-on management. The other's expensive but yields vetted applicants. The cost feels heavy for a small company. 

What affordable tools or channels have yielded the best applicants with least hands-on management for you?

Some channels I can offer from my end:
  • Craigslist (excessive amount of applicants of low, bot-like quality)  
  • Angellist (most effective thus far)
  • Reddit (high-quality applicants with highest expectations for salary, remote working, etc.)
  • University recruiting events (high-quality applicants for entry-level/internships)
  • Trials with recruitment firms/sites (very expensive, I can see us using this more when we're bigger)
  • Social media hiring ads, such as Facebook and StackOverflow.
  • LinkedIn packages to filter and directly contact potential hires.
  • Biting the bullet past trials with recruitment firms/sites if it turns out that no cheaper alternatives exist to get a good candidate.

Michael Haswell Director of Product Partnerships, Ads & Commerce at Google

June 12th, 2015

In my experience, personal references tend to deliver the best candidates. I've thrown referral parties for current employees, where the team sits around a table and mines their respective LinkedIn networks, etc. Either the party itself has a draw (can be as little as free booze) or the party has a goal with a prize if reached (e.g., if the party generates XX interviewable candidates, then the whole team gets an extra vacation day, a team-building excursion to fun place X, etc.).

Jordan Plosky Co-Founder and CEO at ComicBlitz LLC

June 13th, 2015

For me, it has been a mixture of 1)personal relationships 2) doing market research, 3) Linked In, 4) Internships.com
For everything from investors, advisors, and team members, I first started with my own circle of friends.  While doing market research on my industry, I found several blogs, and articles by others who then became team members.  Linked In has provided me with the most members of my team, and Internships.com was great for an entry level type team member.  They weren't getting anything at first, but proved so valuable, that they are now a team member.  
Hope those points help out!

Kevin Keadle

June 12th, 2015

I use Indeed almost exclusively. You can post for free and the promoting your post on a cost per click basis is reasonable. When searching for resumes I can enter in my criteria and sort the result set by when the resume was last updated. This enables me to prioritize who I reach out to first. -Kevin Kevin Keadle Mobile: 206.290.3186 http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinkeadle

Stephen Cataldo

June 12th, 2015

Speaking from the other end of tech recruitment, the "recruiters" feel spammy and from the small sample set of my friends, as we get better we avoid them more, maybe use them after taking a break. I haven't encountered recruiters that ask me the right questions, the "vetting" they do hasn't been real.

I'd recommend showing up in the room at a user-group or meetup if you're looking for a specific tech, especially if you're not looking for cheaper remote workers. And I wonder about going to a hackathon if you're looking for entry level.

Justin Sherratt

June 12th, 2015

I am biased. I used to work as a recruiter for TCG and Kelly in NYC. But also worked on the freelance side at Sapient Nitro and also help companies in my role as mentor. Since that, HR tech has been my focus for years now. 

So I then built the original @sortbox back in late '12 http://techcrunch.com/2012/08/10/sortbox-replaces-email-as-a-new-way-to-review-job-applicants/

but it crashed. 

We rebuilt it so now you can also promote you job via branded career pages AND also share jobs with each other. (imagine if you could also promote your buddies on tinder, like a cross promo affiliate marketing effect)

It's invite only right now. (again its designed for helping a network of companies hire). 30 day free trial.

feel free to give it a whirl. and if you are hiring let me know and I'll use it to promote your jobs out to my networks too. www.sortbox.co   use invite code: "FDatingJune" case sensitive

Justin Sherratt

June 12th, 2015

oh, on a side note. I also use it to promote my buddies jobs. so this is my own page: www.sortbox.co/justin

Right now I know of two jobs through friends, one is Biz Dev in NYC and the other is HeliSkiing Manager in London (yes, heli skiing, what am i doing in front of a keyboard I ask myself too)

Jesse Guglielmo

June 16th, 2015

Apologies if I sound like I am advertising, it is not my intent, but here at ModernGuild, we've uncovered a sincere and disruptive way to recruit entry level talent at the campus level if anyone would like to further discuss.  We have run a pilot with one of the largest consulting firms in the world and are expanding this business to include creative engagements with early stage companies, so please feel free to get in touch if you want to explore a bit more.  I think you will find it pretty unique.  

Justin Sherratt

June 12th, 2015

@Michael I completely agree. Personal connections also builds a stronger foundation later on for after someone is hired.. I believe E&Y is aiming for 50% referral by next year.