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What content types are working best for your business?

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Last updated on May 9th, 2017

As new channels and mediums keep popping up, it's hard to keep up with your audiences changing preferences when it comes to the content they want to consume.

I've taken some notes from an article that details a few content types that are working nicely on social right now which I'll include below. For now would love to know what types of content this community has found to be most effective over the last few months.

Here are a few examples from the post:

  1. Livestreaming - Giving your followers a behind the scenes look into your events with Facebook Live.
  2. User Generated Content - Get your customers involved and personally invested in your brand.
  3. Infographics - Simplify complex ideas into powerful easy to understand visuals.
  4. Animated GIFs - GIFs are easy to share and consume because they load instantly and don’t demand much attention.
  5. Snapchat Stories - Authenticity and spontaneity make Snapchat stories interesting. Use them to share promotions and behind the scenes snaps of events like seminars.
  6. Data Visualizations - Use visuals to portray illustrate graph data in new and creative ways.
  7. Podcasts - Audio content is still underutilized. But the market’s there. You may want to create a static video with your audio to share on platforms like Instagram and Facebook so your audience can listen without leaving these channels.
  8. Interactive Content - Quizzes have become super trendy on sites like Buzzfeed and are a great way to engage audiences and get them sharing your content.
  9. Tutorials/Research Articles - This is content that they won’t find anywhere else. Putting a lot of time and energy into researching a topic your audience is interested in and then showcasing your findings will always pay off big time.

This article goes further into the above content types.