What did you learn from Lean Startup Day?

Eric Rogness Technical Product Manager

December 4th, 2012

Like many of you I\'m sure, I attended a portion of Lean Startup Day
yesterday via simulcast. Some precious nuggets of wisdom:

Coders should be just as ashamed of an MVP as business founders: the biz
guys have to dispense with attractive designs and full feature sets, and
the tech guys have to dispense with building a 100% secure, stable and
scalable platform. That was an epiphany for me. Even if I strip the product
of all unnecessary features, and leave only something that provides a
little bit of value, my dev cofounder can still take that and spend months
chasing after elusive perfection. It takes more than just telling them to
write crumby code -- Sam McAfee of Change.org was saying that you need to
assure your developers, and then hold to those assurances -- that the code
they\'re writing now is disposable, and that you won\'t be asking them to
build on that crumby platform in a couple weeks. Because every developer
has been burned that way, being asked to write something "quick and dirty",
and then asked to make patch after patch, and feature after feature in an
attempt to make it whole.

I also liked the "just because you can\'t code, doesn\'t mean you\'re a
business cofounder," and "your technical cofounder isn\'t a contractor
getting paid in equity." Business cofounders often are ignorant to the fact
that technical cofounders have just as much right to be skeptical of their
qualifications and opportunity. Both business and technical cofounders need
to bring something amazing to the table, and then work together as genuine
partners to build a successful startup.

What did you learn at Lean Startup Day?