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What do folks think about the Apple Watch?

Anusheel Bhushan

October 9th, 2014

One month ago today, the long anticipated Apple keynote took place at the iconic Flint Center where Tim Cook took stage to unveil Apple’s newest device: the Apple Watch.

While some are skeptical about the success of this device, designers and developers all over the world are enthused about it’s potential.

We had some of our designers from the Thinkapps community reimagine how popular apps might take form on your wrist.

Curious to hear what the FounderDating community thinks - the good and the bad.

Shahab Layeghi Software Professional

October 10th, 2014

I think it's going to make the smart watch category take off, the same way that iPad made tablets take off (maybe not as fast).  Someone said Apple Watch is the best marketing for Google Wear!  As more manufactures come in the prices will go down, and with more features by Apple and Others most digital watches will be smart watches in a few years.  It's pretty exciting and I've been thinking about possibilities.

Pete Petrin Software Engineer at Onevest

October 9th, 2014

It's pretty, and cool - but I don't see it taking off with the requirement that you also have to have another iOS device.

Porfirio Partida Software Engineer at Nearsoft

October 9th, 2014

I think it is going to be a nice to have, and I'm more concern on how its size is going to matter for the apps that can be build for it. Apps like: - Find my iPhone, - How far is my baby I can't think on something that would be a pain killer. 

Juan Posada Technology executive, startup advisor and entrepreneur. Also a garage tinkerer and maker movement supporter.

October 12th, 2014

I'll take the bait. :)

I think it is wonderful that Apple has entered the category - maybe this is what it takes to really get wearables to take off. However, from what has been shown so far I personally don't see what the killer app is. When the iphone launched, it offered something that no other device had - a great web browser in your hand, and obviously the introduction of touch. This watch? It requires me to have a phone and yet does not enable me to do anything I can't already do on that phone?

It probably will still sell well -history has proven that there no shortage of people (myself included) willing to pay a premium for Apple's products- but I really don't understand what the value proposition is.

Are there a bunch of developers dreaming up cool applications? For sure, but if initial sales disappoint I'd expect that enthusiasm to wane quickly. So Apple better have some killer app in the sleeve, or else....