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What does a great comp plan look like for a digital agency sales team?

Aaron Ellsworth

September 16th, 2014

I'd love any insight regarding how you've seen digital agency sales comp plans structured. I'm in a digital agency startup where our product is influencers and we sell promotions created by these influencers on social platforms. Unlike other digital media/agencies that buy/sell ad inventory (lower overhead), we have a hefty fixed cost for our product. We aren't a SaaS either. I'd love to hear any best practices and comp terms/rates you've seen successful when structuring a sales plan for such a company. Thanks!

Rob G

October 2nd, 2014

Aaron, i don't understand your business model.  can you explain? at first blush it sounds like you have experts on staff/contract, those experts write some favorable blurb about a company and then you sell the promotion of that blurb, on social networks, to the beneficiaries of that blurb?