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What elements should be in a good letter of intent for a B2B pilot? Any examples?

Ginger Zumaeta

March 30th, 2015

I need to prepare a letter of intent for businesses that will pilot our technology with us as we built our product. So the businesses that participate will be helping us learn, prove our concept, etc. These businesses are not our end-customers but our distribution partners . . . so at least for now, we're not anticipating any charges to them.

Also, having them sign a letter of intent would be proof for us that we are working with them (and proof it investors).

Are there any good templates out there?

Peter Kazanjy Early Stage SaaS Product and Go To Market Executive

March 30th, 2015

If you're building technology that will create value for them, you should charge them for it (even if it's low cost.) Otherwise you will find yourself chasing unengaged "partners" who are really just tirekickers. Nothing like $$$ to focus minds and let you know where you really stand.

Karin Gregory Partner at Furman Gregory Deptula

March 30th, 2015

put the terms in the letter albeit it is not binding that you will need to raise funds..but make it such that it will be likely that you will do business with them...on charging, you can offer them a good discount but don't give it away, it will be harded to cross the line to charging full price.. As for templates, you should use a lawyer, or look for ones from public companies on file