Business research · Design Thinking

What fields outside of business/entrepreneurship do you spend time on? How have you utilized it?

James Ralph Michael F. Price College of Business, Life long learner

November 17th, 2017

Personally, I enjoy learning and researching multiple disciplines like: Physics, philosophy, psychology and much more. It's amazing how interconnected everything is and how you can combine things that others may not see a connection to.

How have you, as an entrepreneur utilized disparate fields and applied it to your products, services, or overall business?

Pratik Jani IIoT Enabler | Director | Innovation Strategist | Startup Advisor | Design Thinker

December 25th, 2017

I'm a design thinker and hence believe having knowledge of varied fields will improve the creativeness in problem solving, strategizing and ideation.

One of my practices being reading Biographies. This not only highlights a person's life journey but also gives a lot of information about his/her work.

Apart from that I love to learn more about human brain and psychology. Being an Entrepreneur, we constantly deal with people, negotiations and decision making.

And finally all these help with having conversation with anyone on any topic and growing your network and indirectly your net-worth.