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Remember the days of lets build it, try to sell it, fix it, and then sell it?

Doesn't this method seem so much easier and straight forward then what we do today?

Let me explain myself a little more, what I see especially around Toronto and Canada is new entrepreneurs been directed by mentors and other so called "professionals" and "experts" to validate the customers and the need for an idea 100 times over before ever trying to build anything!

The result can be discouraging and more often then not leads to a blind pivot or a lack of motivation. Then all modern companies seem to want is to raise money, who gives a flying f***. Anyone can go out there and make a BS sales pitch with zero sales and SCAM investors into a pyramid scheme.

Its so frustrating because as an "entrepreneur" I believe that we have a much higher risk tolerance. So we don't really care too much if we fail. All we car about is bringing our ideas to live.

I think we need to reduce the initial concept of secondary market research and start encouraging people to build and "waste time" .

Because if you "waste time" building a fully functional app or service, you become a better, quicker and more valuable developer. The second time around you'll be able to offer a much higher quality product at a much of a shorter rate of time.

if you build hardware, build the damn hardware and try to sell just 1 or if its a quick build then maybe 10 of them and then you become a better physical prototyper.

we need to start producing because I feel like what makes at least my city so bad in the start-up world is slow rate of seeing your item been built and caring too much about where to find investors.

when I started mt first business, I SOLD 1, with that money I BOUGHT 2 I then SOLD 2 and then BOUGHT 10, etc... you get picture. This is even how both Dell,Microsoft and Apple started.

I guess this isn't much of a questions but I would love to hear some opinions about this topic.