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What has been the most successful way that you have found to network with investors?

Christopher Fernandes Serial entrepreneur looking for cofounders for various ventures

October 6th, 2019

What venues or methods do you feel have the best chances of success in sourcing and attracting investors to your venture or company?

Fred Cohen Helping startups and growth companies succeed

October 6th, 2019

These are two very different questions. A few words to open an enormous field of inquiry - I like that part - but not sufficiently focused to lend to a short answer.

I will try this:

- Thing 1: Understand what investors are all about (watch the first few videos at

- Thing 2: Understand what you are all about (horses for courses).

- Thing 3: Figure out which investors are well suited to your company (assuming investment is the right path forward for it).

- Thing 4: Go about it in the way they go about it (for serial investors). Most of them will want you to fill out a form of give them a 1-pager. After that most will want a presentation (or not). After that comes due diligence (be prepared).

In terms of networking, I think we use the term as a disservice to building relationships. I have ~20,000 people in my "network", but personal relationships with perhaps a few hundred - many not in the realm of the "network" we normally talk about. Personal relationships are personal - they involve getting to know and like each other. If you don't like someone, and you are networking for the money, you are asking for trouble. Lots more to know here...

Natalya A Meyer Investment money saver. Business lawyer.

October 9th, 2019

"WHY can't we find an investor? And HOW to get the investor?"
Do you feel the hungerin these questions? Do you feel desperation? Does it make sense that it this shall too have a feeling?

Let me explain to you why and answer the questions. My consulting businessis relatively new and small, but I've been in the industry as a lawyerfor good-size transactions since 2005. I have dealt with investment bankers,developers, with lawyers and technicalconsultants andwas fortunate to meet incredible people, smart and capable.
Here comes a free (as so many like free:)): I have learnedthat what is really important is to connect with a person, whoever that person is. They are not impressed by you being impressed by their position. They are not impressed by you being formal, blindly pushy or fearful, i.e. not sensitive to the situation. They are impressed by your understanding of their needs and the nature of the business. Only then they will start developing a vesting interest in your venture. And under current busy circumstances, you will be lucky they will even remember you.
So, please, please forget a phrase: "just find me the #moneyand start fostering a human connection.
Good luck!

Agassi Nakhapetian

October 10th, 2019

Investors and rounds are an essential part of building your product/company. Often teams work on product or marketing thinking that if they find traction investors will magically appear-they don't. As a starting team part of your job is to source capital. Angels are not ideal partners at all but if thats your strategy-start networking at events. Personal connection is best but explore everything. Don't go to family and friends. Once you find few you want to pitch to-focus on what they look for in a company. You want to select investors that you align with. Don't waste precious time on prospects who invest in different space, or who have no capital to invest

James Henderson Text("Founder at Anagram Media, a passion for innovation(I know, sounds generic).")

October 6th, 2019

Literally anywhere. Nailing the soft pitch to anyone and creating massive fomo. Most of my investors didn't have the money at the time, but found it because they didn't want to lose out on the opportunity.

Latrice Turner Owner of LT Presents LLC

October 7th, 2019

I have met tons of entrepreneurs in networking groups and chamber of commerce meetings but none of them have been successful leads for investors.

David M

October 7th, 2019

Assuming one has a competent business plan including a stellar team (and unfortunately that is a HUGE assumption because most entrepreneurs do not)....Pick up the phone...send an email, and then follow up...and follow up. No point to pay for cattle call money making events.

Phani Bodavula

October 7th, 2019

I observed one of my frienf is able to get his application users as investors. It impressed me.