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What I can do to convey a profitable idea and what it aims at to the reality with the benefit of it and get the money?

Omar Al Jaeedi Inventor with an idea and passion for converting transportation to non-stop movement for refilling

April 24th, 2020

I have an idea in the means of transportation and mobility where it will change them to electricity to make it continuously moving and non-stop as well as there is no need for stop for recharging, not only this, it also will add new way of generating electricity for the all, which can be use from now and get the most benefits of the fossil fuels transportation for the time being, the idea is divided into several parts and stages and I have tried a lot to (make a prototype), (trying to open a company that belongs to the idea and I have not been successful), (get support for it), (get someone who adopts it), (get a partner that is with effort and money and I am with the idea), (Obtaining whoever buys it and transferring it to the reality and application), or (licensing the part of the patent and obtaining money to move forward with the rest of the idea).

With the current circumstances in the world with Covid 19 Corona and its impact on the movement of transportation and communications, where the demand for movement has weakened and the situation become difficult. Before this crisis, I try to communicate with many parties and decision-makers, but unfortunately there is no respondent, and there is no one even willing to consider it, and this is from and with my fear, too, and trying to preserve my right from being robbed and defrauded, so I proceed with caution.

Many of the people I discuss with them direct me to open a company and proceed to implement the idea, even it is gradually. Unfortunately, I do not have money and are immersed in debts. The first reason is to try to protect the idea, which I have only succeeded in protecting part of it, frankly I reached a stage of confusion and not knowing what to do and how to convey it and work on it. I tried to communicate with some incubators and some support agencies, and unfortunately they also focus on those who have a company and do experiments and work on their products.

What are your expectations and advice to me so that I can convey a profitable idea and what it aims at to the reality and implementation with the benefit of it and get the money?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

April 24th, 2020

#1, no one cares about an idea, they only care about the plan. Right now you only have an idea and haven't validated the idea to prove it would be a viable business. You need to work on development of a marketing strategy, conduct significant amounts of research to understand your audience, challenges, and resource needs.

Your lack of interest from partners/investors has everything to do with an inability to communicate your thoroughly researched and validated plan, and almost nothing to do with the timing.

If you're approaching an English-speaking audience, it would be beneficial for you to improve your writing, which isn't clear.

You should spend some time researching other projects that have attempted to develop alternative transportation and power systems. There's a very negative history regarding adoption of these ideas, no matter how "beneficial" the idea appears. Additionally research organizations that have an interest in exploring alternative transportation, like the United States Post Office.

You need to build a business case for your product, not talk about broad ideas. It needs to be extremely specific in how your concept becomes an executable plan, with a ready audience.

Good luck!