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What if the heart of your great idea is a proprietary website, but you don't have a website!?!?

Jonathan Webb Asst Dir-Pharmacy shifting course to entrepreneur

January 26th, 2017

As a pharmacist, I have zero skills when it comes to network engineering, web development, or the like. I'm in the midst of a healthcare start-up of which the heart and soul is a proprietary website to network members. That is, the network is the main driver of the business opportunity, and I don't have a network. Have any others been in this situation where the core of your business relied on a proprietary website and you had to have it built? I don't have a co-founder so what approach should I take in getting this proprietary website built/developed/managed? Try to fund raise for it without a product? Freelance developers? Loan? Co-founder?



Marc Clifton Innovator in software architecture & applications

January 26th, 2017

It sounds like you need to find a person / company (let's call them "the contractor") that can build the website for you. But to do that, you will most likely need to pay them, so it sounds like you need to obtain funding. It also seems like you'll need a detailed specification of what the website needs to do. Sometimes you can work with the contractor on that, sometimes you have to provide all the (very detailed) specifications yourself. If the contractor has experience building health care web sites, that might be helpful. But without some funding, most developers won't bite, even if you offer some sort of equity / profit sharing carrot. Even the website I put together for a non-profit, while I totally low-balled the cost and now maintain it pro bono (it needs very little maintenance) I consider that situation unusual. Also keep in mind that there are monthly costs in keeping a website up -- server hosting, SSL certificates, bandwidth charges, maintenance / bug fixes, etc. Depending on your traffic and server requirements, this can cost from 100's to 1,000's of dollars a month.

If you want a free initial consultation, feel free to contact me.

Lester de Souza Building community for entrepreneurs

January 26th, 2017

There are many who can offer a solution for your situation. The challenge is to find the right person whom you can work with. You can outsource the task of creating what you want. From your limited description, you are not in a unique situation. I too rely on building a community from which the work will be generated. Technology changes rapidly and that is now a cost of doing business. Health care is also a regulated industry in most places so an understanding of the requirements becomes significant. If you are interested in a discussion, you are welcome to contact me offline. I can also give you the url for an recently set up website which seems to be what you are considering. FYI, I outsource the tech stuff as I do appreciate the work involved but it is more cost effective to outsource.

Himanshu Chudasama Founder CEO at Veloz Techform & Start-n-Excel

January 27th, 2017

I would suggest you go with a Contractor who can develop the website for you with all the features that you may need. Just ensure to find a contractor who has Pharma Website experience, so as the features are in lieu to the legal mandates for your industry.

The contract cost would be one time for developing the website- but you need to ensure one thing- specify all features you need, do not just start the development work till you have a comprehensive feature list prepared by the contractor with a fix cost price quote.

If you want any help, do let me know, I know a few contractors who could do the job for you at afixed cost, as those are the same people where I worked a Business Head earlier before leaving the company to start my own StartUp.

John Black Team Lead Engineer at Harmonia

January 27th, 2017

Get a Co-founder. Why? Because you say the "heart and soul" of your startup is a proprietary website and you can't do it yourself. If your website is not a vital component of your startup, then there are a thousand templates, generators, or contractors for quickly building a pretty-good, satisficing website. But if the fundamental customer value of your idea IS the website, then you better have someone by your side who has the passion for web technologies necessary to put a "heart and soul" into it.

Erick Calder Solutions Architect at Union Bank/MUFG

Last updated on January 26th, 2017

there are lots of resources to get a website up. if you're in LA tomorrow's the LA Job Fair and I'm sure it will be teeming with developers.

aside from that, if you want to discuss it further you can send me a private message

kraig Into ICOs, fintech and saas

February 25th, 2017

You would be better with a cofounder, or even freelance developers. Especially as you are unlikey to know how to provide requirements. Most quotes here are around $40000-80,000+

Raising funds without the project sounds like a good approach.