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What is a best way to enter a US market for a B2B IT consulting company?

Michael Makeyev CEO at IT Partner, LLC

April 19th, 2016

Where we should focus our resources? What is a top 3 most effective activities?

  • Email campaigns (buy email list, send emails).
  • Online presence and native SEO
  • Paid online advertising - pay-per-click ads, facebook, paid banners/articles/links
  • Social stuff - Facebook, Twitter, Blog posts and etc.
  • Be very aggressive with prices for our services - do heavy discounts, "work for free".
  • Hire a local sales person(s) for calls, meetings, linkedin surfing and etc.
  • Work with Vendor to get connected to the customers.
  • Government contracting.
  • anything else?

Some background:

We sell, implement and support Microsoft products and services since 2006. We are very cloud-oriented during past five years, so, have a lot of experience, success and awards with and around Office 365 and Azure but not in the US market... Our target customer is 50 - 250 seat organizations of all types and verticals. Basically, we have engineers, knowledge and experience and need new customers in a new market.

Jay Matson Founder of Brown Dog IT

December 18th, 2020

Michael, I have a similar problem. Have you found anything that works?

Lucie Newcomb Global Marketing & Business Development Leader | Founder| Strategist | Board Member | Advisor | Trainer | Diplopreneur

April 20th, 2016

Perform extensive due diligence and find an outstanding U.S partner. Be equally fastidious about the rationale for entering the U.S. Market especially with all the B2B IT companies already here. Your best new market may be elsewhere - great luck!

Max Marketing Founder and CEO, We help clients optimize their marketing for sales, grow revenue, with the use of technology and data.

April 20th, 2016

Define the persona/avatar of your ideal clients, their challenges, their ideal outcome, and where they spend their time. Write content that speaks to their challenges. Than explain how your solution might be a good fit for them with some social proof. Use LinkedIn, search, paid, and email with the right technology to create and outbound and inbound strategy to feed your sales people leads to convert them. 

Sophia Maler Product Management and Marketing Professional. Message Alchemist.

April 20th, 2016

It really depends on who your target clients are. But in general, US companies put a lot of weight on customer success stories and customer references. Make sure you have plenty of these. Also, if you are in consulting business, knowledge is your best asset. Do local meetups (free training) with the best educational content you can possibly create and gain recognition for your domain expertise. If you can prove that know your stuff, they will come. 

K. Robbins Head Moose at Moose WorldWide Digital

April 22nd, 2016

My company has helped numerous companies in Eastern Europe break into the U.S. market.  All the advice here is solid.

With respect to Eastern Europe specifically, the big challenge is changing the selling style, and setting expectations.  Selling in the U.S. is very conversational, and consultative.  We start by having our new partner listen in on our sales calls so they get a feel for how its done, and then we do a lot of mock calls.  

The hard, aggressive sell turns customers off in the U.S. this can be a tough habit to break.  The epiphany usually happens when we spend thirty minutes during a pitch talking about our dogs, or food, or sports :-)  

Best of luck to you


Henry Eschricht Help me democratize ad spend so brands can engage consumers genuinely

December 18th, 2020

Thought leadership times 1000 and one juicy client who your addressable market admires or trusts.

Nizamudheen Valliyattu Co-Founder & Digital Marketing Specialist at

April 20th, 2016

PR ?

JOHN LAURO Recruiter/Vending Machine Provider

April 19th, 2016

Hire local sales people to make calls and go visit customers.
Old School,Remember the old Airline commercial where the boss hands out airplane tickets to all his sales people.Plus there is an airplane ticket in his back pocket.Target your market,Sign up new customers and spoil them with great service.Sales people are lazy these days trying to measure success thru emails banners etc,These days markets are so competitive,One on One relationships with your customers is paramount.

Manoj Thakur MD at O Digital Marketing

April 23rd, 2016

I think LinkedIn and the Microsoft Partner Network will get you lot more leads. Depending on where your target groups are clustered, sales reps are must considering the service & target group. Get some sales folks from successful companies doing what you're about to begin. Gradually you'll know if government contracting (or sub) will work for you.

Luis Medina CEO at TechBA

April 20th, 2016

In the last ten years we had helped more than 250 technology companies from Mexico to enter the US market. It will be hard and very competitive, especially if you don't have a strong differentiator - you need to be unique, different with a solid value proposition.
There is one approach that you did not mention that usually has worked for us: look for the right US partner. You probably need a company that is well positioned in a region, small to medium size, with good focus. If you can offer excellent resources and good pricing that will translate to growth and margins then you will start entering the market and eventually position yourself independently and strengthen your own brand.
Good luck!