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What is best Country for Startup?


March 15th, 2020

I am aware that certain countries would provide better opportunity for startups like Netherlands which also provides startup visa. My though is for a good startup we need a great idea and then find people who fit well with the idea and then join and setup team and start work on idea. But the problem is like I have idea and mentors telling me it is feasible and good but when I come to find right person , it failed.

My home country is in mess when it comes to startup and they only support people based on their social status and connection and not their brain and competency. So I am thinking about collaborating with company in Europe (since I am non-EU) and I am looking for option so I could find right person and the country provides support for foreigners.

Franklin Ekwem We are currently looking for Investors to be part of our Team

Last updated on March 16th, 2020

Well, it depends on your industry. for me i think every country is ideal for startup. It's all depends on your mindset, and what you believe in. This is 21st century and the rules have changed, remote position has come to stay. So you can effectively manage your business anywhere you are in the world. And you have to be sure, that your mentor is right for you, don't listen to FAKE Teachers. Again finding someone to help build idea is easy, it's a two way things. Either the person say yes or no, if the person say no. Tel Others till you find someone who is willing to help.

Again don't say your home country is in mess when it comes to startup, i consider this as negative thought. Focus on how you can perfect your idea. Your location is not the problem, the only problem is your state of mind. yes generally people will support you based on your idea, experience, social status and your connection/network. That's why it recommended to search, build and grow your network, if you don’t, how do you plan to attract people that will support you in your career.

So you need to keep focus, maintain your lane and do not be in a hurry to find co-founders, they will come to you at the right time. Just keep on searching, don't give up. Thanks

Yegor Isaev Co-founder at GodMode, CFO at StudyFree, ex-Deloitte, ex-RDIF

Last updated on March 19th, 2020

Just pay attention to these things: tax base (undistributed vs. distributed); tax rate; controlling foreign companies (CFC) with respect to the holding / operating companies. You can contact me in person if you need any further advice.

The best two in Europe are Estonia and Latvia.

Edward de Jong Software designer and developer, programming language designer

March 24th, 2020

The location of where you start your company is not about advantages, but really about avoiding disadvantages. If you for example, start up in Lagos, Nigeria, the well-known hotbed of every scam known to man, you would have a terrible problem establishing credibility no matter how great your product or service was. On the other hand, if you list Copenhagen as your HQ, you will have no trouble establishing some credibility just from your business card. For this reason many people move to Silicon Valley to startup, just to blend in with the many successful companies known all over the world.

There are smart people in every country, so doing the work can be done anywhere especially in the world with the internet. If you already have a team by all means avoid the expensive places, you can preserve your capital so much more easily by not having to pay people 100k/year. Russia and Ukraine have highly technical people, and since computers is an indoor sport, the bad weather in northern Europe is advantage.

America is only medium honest, and the people are not well educated, but it has a huge population and huge number of people stolen via "brain drain" from other countries, so it is stuffed with talent. Best to avoid super high costs cities like NYC and SF and LA.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

March 18th, 2020

The answers you seek are available from a resource that does nothing but study global entrepreneurship. The latest report was just published this month and can be downloaded at

You can find many other resources on their web site as well.

Dan Andrei looking for a non-technical cofounder with b2b / legal experience

March 19th, 2020

just go with the lowest tax on profit in an EU Country,... that is Bulgaria, 10%. You can make business from here to anywhere in EU without restrictions. The worst one would be Germany with 30.55.

If anyone wants to open a company in Bulgaria I can help with lawyer(s), accountant(s), manager(s) and anything else they might want.

Caleb Yang Cofounder, Open Source Projects SG, Chemical Engineer, Fullstack Developer, Public Speaker

March 24th, 2020

It really depends on the metrics you regard for a successful country that promotes entrepreneurship. Every country has different cultural, thinking, economic of scale as well as trade relationships with different industry or countries. It is hard to say which country is the best or the most preferred. I guess European companies are stable to do business but the tax rate at double digit close to 30-40 % does not help businesses stay afloat. I am thinking tax haven cities are better but please ensure your businesses that are instituteed at tax havens are ethical and helping to promote more jobs for the local people and other people of the world at economical salaries to support their lifelihood and not exploiting them as low wages workers.

GK CTO / Consultant - AI, Blockchain, Analytics

March 26th, 2020

One practical way to deal with it would be to go phase-wise and postpone the decision until you have more concrete details. For example, based on your business plan, if your next step is to build an MVP for your idea, then it is highly possible that you can get it done, especially in the present scenario, through remote teams. That way you would:

  1. test your idea implementation feasibility
  2. postpone the country/place decision till you have a more better understanding of your product requirement (such as the resource requirements), audience reach etc. and
  3. if your business plan requires you to have a VC fund-raising then you can take that into consideration while deciding the country/placement. For example, what is your exit-strategy: IPO? Then you want a good country that makes it easy for IPO. Or does your idea include disruptive / politically-controversial technologies such as crypto-currencies, then pickup a country that supports it etc.

Countries such as Singapore, have less bureaucratic challenges, while few countries, such as US (and few states in US) make it easy to adopt to technologies such as Crypto.

What is your technology domain and the problem area?

Ali Moafa cofounder&CEO

March 21st, 2020

Check out SaudI Arabia!

Ami Vider Content Writer / Editor at Satellite / Hardware startup

March 24th, 2020

Israel at the moment has up to 1,000 new "funded" startups. Especially in tech (specifically in AI, cloud & cybersecurity). That said, the competition for technical talent is fierce and the same goes for real A round funding (above $2 ~ $5 million). What makes especially Tel Aviv attractive is a complete ecosystem that includes both people to get a startup going and outside resources (services, early adopters, corporate partners). Israel also has great access to western Europe and south-east Asia. There are sectors such as medical equipment, communication and agriculture which are also considered strong startup sectors here. Read "startup nation" a popular book about the Israeli startup sector.

Shamal Badhe Project Manager @ Companion ITCS

March 25th, 2020

I don't think the country is a major factor, but it depends on your industry. You should know about the mindset of people in a country, how they do business, rules, and regulations, domestic languages etc.