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What is the best digital marketing tool for startups and why?

Pavlo (Paul) Redko Owner @

Last updated on September 20th, 2017

I know that there is no remedy from all startup illnesses. However which marketing tools work best for you? I don't like long lists, just 1-3 best, that proved to be effective for startups.

Upd: good questions were asked re target market and personas - I consider SMB: small real estate agents/ bizes, construction, yacht and boat producers, tuning companies, startups, pools . Mostly bizes with high partners.

Alessandra Sagredo Outsourced CMO, Marketing Automation Expert, Marketing Team Builder, Process Architect, Foodie

Last updated on September 22nd, 2017

My top (standard) that may be adjusted as more info is gained include:

Top Platform:

CRM combined with Marketing Automation - Checkout SharpSpring for B2B or SalesManago for B2C. (There are a number of great platforms.)

This ensures that your customers and their data are well organized, maintained with a lead scoring system, passed to sales (or nudged through to self closing) with automation and behavior-based campaigns, and all customers are always communicated with using targeted (segmented) efforts.

It may sound overwhelming. But in reality the set-up is the biggest challenge, from there, a great platform will be like a sales team working for you 24/7.

Plus! The really strong platforms will provide you with closed loop reporting. Meaning you can see where your budget goes/vs/return on investment. This type of feedback will ensure you are savvy when spending.

Other tech to consider:

1) Are you doing Adwords? Then be sure to explore Wordstream. This will help you design, manage and continuously optimize without the need of an additional team member.

2) Content marketing? If so, check out the (limited but still helpful) free version of Buzzsumo to discover hot topics and what is/isn't engaging.

3) Need strong content and social? Review as it's a great platform for planning, scheduling and even posting directly to social channels while managing other marketing content projects.

4) Project Management: a must for small and large teams. Review Basecamp, Teamwork and Brightpod. Personally Brightpod has worked great for my clients who need management tools that are specific to marketing.

If you'd like more help message me or connect on LinkedIN!

K. Robbins Head Moose at Moose WorldWide Digital

September 20th, 2017

It depends on the target market, your buyer personas, and the price of the product. For example, a high priced B2B product with a niche market would have a completely different marketing strategy than a low priced B2C one.

Your acquisition strategy, in my opinion, is more important than your product strategy. This is a mistake we see far too often, as entrepreneurs often falsely believe that "if we build it, the customers will come".

Can you supply the group with more details about what your trying to market here?

Karan Bavandi Founder at Optimal Access

September 20th, 2017

Startups biggest challenge is to get traffic and mindshare.

I use ahrefs for my keyword research, competition research, link building and monitoring my own seo profile.

ahrefs also tells you the value of your content marketing in terms of $$. Majority of brands today drive over 90% of their traffic through organic channels.

I use Kurator, to manage my backlinks, and keywords and KBucket to share my curated traffic and drive targeted inbound traffic.

Pavlo (Paul) Redko Owner @

September 20th, 2017


Logan Herzog Facebook/Instagram Lead Gen For Startups

October 19th, 2017

Startups don't usually have time or resources to be on every channel, so you need to be really good at one or two.

Every marketing channel has it's pros and cons. I think facebook is far and away the best platform for startups (yes, even B2B).

Here's why:

Google - Almost always very competitive, which means expensive. Also not great for companies coming up with a new product. Google only works on people actively searching.

Twitter- Usually pretty abysmal return on ad spend. I'd avoid it.

Linkedin - Can be very effective both organically and paid, but it's expensive. Like google, it works, but startups are normally priced out by larger competitors.

SEO - Also effective, but takes months to generate any results. Way too long for startups who need to grow now.

Facebook- best outbound targeting capabilities out there. Bar none. Typically much cheaper than any other platform. Normally the traffic is a little higher-funnel, so best when paired with email marketing as a conversion method.

For using facebook for B2B, check out another thread I posted in recently. It might be helpful.

Good luck!