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What is the best way to approach the search for a co-founder with experience in mobile development?

Léo Fouchard Co-Founder @ SPORTAKUS

September 22nd, 2015

I know, this question has been asked a hundred times on every start-up forum.

However, after screening all the major co-founder dating sites, LinkedIn, and industry specific websites, I am not sure what is the best way to approach this search.

To give you more details, we are looking for a co-founder with the technical skills to bring our mobile app prototype to the next level.

As you understand, this is a process where time is critical, as we want to bring our product to the market as soon as possible.

Yet, the search for a co-founder is a process that can take some time and should not be rushed.

So how would you approach this? Would you go for external development to move forward until you find the co-founder of your dream? Or would wait and concentrate all your effort in networking to find the Holy Grail?

FYI: we are a young company in the vibrant city of Berlin evolving in the sexiest industry after porn: SPORT.

Michael Brill Technology startup exec focused on AI-driven products

September 22nd, 2015

Stop worrying.
Find $5K.
Find a friend or a friend of a friend mobile developer.
Write a spec for your app
Have the friend review and edit it
Post it on Upwork et al
Have the friend review responses and select a developer
Have the friend review status and accept app
Buy your friend some beer or give them a little equity or a David Hasselhoff CD

A month from now you have a functioning app. Yes, it will break but I guarantee you that when you have users and your app breaks that you will find a way to fix it asap.

By all means, keep your search on for your tech lead but a solid MVP of almost anything can be built for $5K if you have a competent developer overseeing the project.

But whatever you do, don't wait around while you're looking for a skill set. 

Let the downvoting begin. ;-) 

Vangelis Trikoupis Co-Founder at Eden of Apps

September 22nd, 2015

Hi Leo,

If there's no hurry in getting your product on the market I would recommend that you wait. Picking a co-founder is not much different to picking a spouse, and the only reason you make them move for either, it's cause you're certain! At the last seminar of a founders club I participate in, someone shared that the best way to network and find the right people was to attend conferences relating to that person.
I would say Tech, Startup, VC, entrepreneurship conferences are your best bets.

Best of luck in finding your unicorn co-founder!


September 23rd, 2015

Michael Brill:
I'm from a technical background and I can say your solution is really good and it actually works, upvote! :-)

Eyal Feingersch

September 22nd, 2015

The best you can do here is to filter search results for techs who are unoccupied or open for suggestions.

From my own experience, a potential early stage (pre poc/mvp) tech cofounder that is not in a startup already, is likely to have a full time job already. So building your prototype ASAP is not likely. 

I, for example, can work after the kids fall asleep and during some weekends at most.
The development pace is critically hindered.

kraig Into ICOs, fintech and saas

February 21st, 2017

Guten tag.

Your going to struggle to get someone in Berlin, even at €50k per annum. (That's for an Intern at a fintech startup)They are in demand, and equity isn't as cool as it is in the USA. Plus not sure there is a lot of Ios developers(mainly due to the german language development portals available. Which means demand.

So your options are

1) Offer more money

2) Forget about Apple devices, try to bring in a web app/hybrid app programmer

3) Get a remote worker from abroad(You'd probably have better luck in Vienna than Berlin), and you'd get German speakers in a euro area to boot.(You might find someone in remote Germany)

4) Find someone who would like to move to Berlin (and visa wise can do so)

I could potentially help, however I'd need to know what stage your at now. Have you got anything built? What environment? Coding Language? How are you funding so far? Bootstrapping?