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What is the best way to sell data?

Stan Zhekov CEO, | Looking for Software Architect co-founder

September 15th, 2016

We maintain a large global database of crowd reported harassing phone numbers and now working on an API to share data with interested business for a fee.

I would appreciate any thoughts, tips, experiences, resources on what are the best ways (for the business and for the clients) how to sell this data directly from our server (not on CD).

What I find so far is: some companies charge per query via API which means many requests to the server and the client gets the info when they need it, others allow frequent downloads of recent data chunks as a package for fixed monthly subscription which is less requests to the server and is easier to handle, also clients run the db on their servers... one of the problems is that the quantity of data (reported numbers) varies every day. It is dynamic.

Also pricing is kind of tricky.

Your thoughts are appreciated.


Mike Davie

September 15th, 2016

Hi Stan,

Very common issue when bringing a new data product to market and it all starts with the potential customers. What problem will your data solve for them? How do they want to consume the data? What is the value to their business?

While these questions are not easily they are where you need to begin. And don't be afraid to committing to one customer profile, as you can address different customers with different delivery options. While data scientist may want the entire database download at once for machine learning or predictive analytics purposes, new apps designed to do individual background check may only want one number at a time via an API. It is possible to easily work with both types of clients, both commercially and technically.

Some free resources to help you on your path to data monetization:

Stan Zhekov CEO, | Looking for Software Architect co-founder

September 15th, 2016

Thank you Mike for the resources!
That helps.